Man marries snake in Thailand

A man and his snake wife in Thailand

While most men look for ample curves in a female partner, one guy in Udon Thani province, Thailand, took the concept a few steps too far after he married a 12-foot python.

It gets better. Satian Kenkudlung, 35, married his python because, he says, the giant snake is actually the 600-year-old spirit of his former lover, reincarnated in the form of a snake so that the couple could be together again.

As the story goes, Satian was the bodyguard of a deity called Phrayanakho, whose daughter, Sathida, Satian fell hopelessly in love with. Phrayanakho had Satian executed as a result and Sathida died of a broken heart.

Fate has kept the couple together.

This match made in heaven has attracted throngs of curious locals, all keen to catch a glimpse of the mysterious man and his snake wife.

The saga reached new levels recently when the snake was alleged to have laid an egg, the supposed fruit of Satian and his snake’s love affair.

The governor of the province, Supoj Laowansiri, raised his suspicions about the egg and said that the incident appeared to be “well planned”, coming as it did just a few days after the snake wife mysteriously vanished.

Satian’s wife hasn’t been seen since.

Just another day in Thailand.

Pic from Daily Xpress.

Author: Phuket Vogue

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