Mando Steakhouse in Rawai

Ad: Wiest Road, Rawai Beach. Tel: 076-613728.

Mando Steakhouse is plush-looking eatery on the beach road in Rawai. Mando also has a small lounge bar next door.

This Phuket restaurant has a decent location next to the beach, albeit with a busy road in between. The menu is all in English and phonetic Thai, so it’s aimed at foreigners, which is reflected in the price of the Thai food.

Most dishes are 130 baht. The massaman gai tastes more like penang gai, but it’s definitely edible. The Thai food is actually pretty good, although the spices are toned down for Western tastes.

Being a steakhouse, there is a range of steaks to choose from, starting at about 500 baht. You can definitely have a pleasant meal at this Rawai restaurant. Beer comes in at about 80 baht a bottle. The restaurant is located next to the Rawai Beach Resort. Not worth making a trip especially for, but if you’re in the area, the food is decent.

Author: Phuket Vogue

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