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phuket house for-salePhuket is one of the most beautiful places on earth. It is situated in Thailand, and is one of the biggest islands in the Indian ocean and off the coast of Thailand. It is 867Kms from Bangkok, and about the size of Singapore. It now gets more than 3 million visitors per year, as it is a fascinating and popular holiday destination. Phuket is known as “pearl of Andaman”. The major part of Phuket is covered with low forested mountains and white sand beaches. It is one of the major attraction for tourists from Thailand, as well as many other Asian countries. With so many activities readily available in Phuket alerady, sight-seeing is still one of the favorite, classic choices.

The beauty of beaches and heavenly fresh air attracts the foreigners and tourists for their calm and relaxed life. Phuket’s climate is dominated and dictated by monsoon winds. There are also two distinct seasons: dry, and rainy. Rainy starts from May to October and dry season from November through April. The peak tourist month is December. The people of Phuket are very charming and friendly. There are many group of people residing in Phuket, they mainly consist of Thai, Chinese, Muslim, European, Indian and Arab. Phuket is excellent for its heavenly land infrastructure and high standard of facilities. If you’re looking for a peaceful and calm retirement life, it is better to suggest Phuket, as this place offers the beauty of a tropical island and also all the facilities and amenities of a western country.

To settle here you need to be well aware of the legal process, and the steps to take in order to immigrate. There are different types of visa; 30 days, 60 days tourist visa, non immigration visa, and students visa. Additionally, there are various other ways to settle here such as with work permit, permanent residence, or business owner. One of the new options is to take a Thai language course for getting an educational visa; the duration of this course is 5 years. After working out your travel information, all that’s left is the real estate aspect to consider; and whether you plan to own or rent a Phuket home, you’ll find there’s a reason the real-state market in Phuket is so popular right now.

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  1. just wondering for all the expats in phuket, how old where you when you moved over? seems most are retirement age? im still 35 so maby a bit too soon to move there?!

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