Music Matters jazz bar in Phuket Town

Ad: Off Surin Circle, Phuket Town, past T2 and turn right.

Ah, Music Matters. Not a lot of people know about this small jazz bar in Phuket Town because it’s totally out of the way and tucked around the corner from Surin Circle. If you do end up at Music Matters, you’ll be treated to tracks from owner Jeff’s music collection.

The bar is normally quiet and stays open until whenever people decide to go home. For a quiet drink or for somewhere to sink a few after hours, this Phuket Town bar is perfect.

The place is open-air with only about a half-dozen tables. On some nights, a group of Jeff’s buddies come together and form a makeshift band. The vibe is totally laid back and very local, attracting a small, but dedicated, following among expats and travelers. Beer is cheap. This is pure no-frills drinking, but it’s fun and it’s rare to find a bar like this in Phuket Town.

Author: Phuket Vogue

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  1. Music Matters Bar is one of my hidden favourites in Phuket town to go for .
    If you like Jazz, Salsa, Caribbean, African, Southamerican or any other exotic great music, this is the place for you !
    Jeffrey is a great musician and music aficionado.Live music sessions are on Wednesday and at weekends and the cocktails prepared by Ti are a good choice to start. Prices are decent. Beer is cheap. Happy Hour is a must . Music Matters is the right place to meet nice thai people or travellers in a relaxed atmosphere on Chana Charoen Rd ( at the corner next to Phuket Rd ) until late night.
    If you are tired of Patong Bars, check out Music Matters Bar.
    Gerard from Paris

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