Naka weekend market in Phuket City

When it comes to shopping in Phuket, you have heaps of choices. Most of the markets in Phuket are kind of small and local, but Naka weekend market raises the bar. If you’ve ever been to Chatuchak Market in Bangkok then you’ll know what to expect, only shrunk down a bit.

Naka weekend market is Phuket’s largest market. Things usually get going about 4 pm. At Naka weekend market, you’ll be able to find a bunch of goods at knockdown prices. Fake labels, cheap bags, shirts, shoes, jewelry, knick knacks, ornaments, CDs, DVDs and all manner of other things can be found at this Phuket market. There are also a number of dogs, cats, rabbits, fish and other pets on sale.

The only problem with Naka weekend market is that its cramped and crowded and if you’re taller than about five feet, you’ll find yourself crouching almost everywhere you walk, which can make the whole market experience rather uncomfortable.

The products at Naka weekend market aren’t exactly the highest quality, but they are cheap. The clothes don’t look too flash, but if you’re after style and cutting-edge threads, you may as well go to the mall.

The weekend market is located on Wat Naka Road, off Chao Fah West Road in Phuket City.

To get to Naka weekend market, if heading to Central Festival along the bypass road, go straight past Central and take the first left. Then just follow the road down until you see the weekend market on the right. Parking is available.

Author: Phuket Vogue

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