Navrang Mahal Indian restaurant in Patong

Ad: 58/11 Bangla Road, Patong. Tel: 076-292280. Web:

Another India restaurant in Patong. Phuket’s large Indian population means that there are lots of great places for Indian food on the island. Patong is no exception.

Being in Patong, this Indian restaurant isn’t exactly the cheapest place, but the food is decent and worth a look if you’re into your spices. They serve North and South Indian dishes here.

The buffet is a popular choice with visitors to Phuket. Otherwise, expect a standard range of Indian dishes for you to sample. We’re big fans of Indian food and so when we stumble upon a place that knows how to make the food, we usually make the effort to visit it every one in a while. This is one such place.

Author: Phuket Vogue

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