New Patong club Hollywood open until 5 am?

Hollywood opened its doors over the weekend. Much like all the Patong bars and clubs, Hollywood has loud music, cheap drinks and lots of pretty girls. This Patong bar is in the venue that used to be the Dragon go-go bar, which was a harmless enough establishment that seemed to be doing OK for itself.

Hollywood is an ambitious project, but if the opening was anything to go by then this Patong bar should be giving Seduction a run for its money. There were a bunch of sexy girls dancing away on opening night. The event was well attended by the island’s busy socialites, as well as a fair smattering of tourists.

Hollywood certainly isn’t going to set Patong nightlife on fire, but the rumor going around is that the club will stay open until 5 am most nights. If that stays true then we expect to end up at Hollywood in the near future.

Author: Phuket Vogue

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  1. Please, Hollywood is awful.
    Its not in the same category as the semi-classy Seduction or Lime.
    Its just another Tiger.
    And not as good.
    What a let down.

  2. what happened to that post by Langdon Ulger. Did you delete it because it was critical of Hollywood? If so, you suck.

  3. No, it got held up in the spam filter.

  4. Langdon Ulger is a moron. I’d personally delete all his posts. He and his wannabe Phuket socialite friends make me sad.

    This isn’t New York or Milan. It’s Phuket. Hollywood is in Patong. It’s exactly the same as Lime or Seduction. However the girls in Lime and Seduction pretend not to be bargirls and cost a lot more money.

  5. Tiger Bar is CRAP. Went there a couple of times and found the local people at the door to be extremely rude. Mind you, anyone who isnt Thai was treated like a second star citizen. Even with a free ticket to get in, we were looked down upon. Each time, i went back to Hollywood and had the time of my life. The people were sweet, the music was good (atho songs were repeated all over again after 3am…) the drinks were cheap, and the locals were nice.

    Seduction reminded me of Tiger Bar.

  6. Oh – and Tiger costs you 150B to get in and even then, u still had no chance!

  7. Holliwood , Tiger , TaiPan , very very very good ,,,,,beautiful disco ……beautiful girl and music…I’ll come back the next year for holidays because Puket is wonderfull for us ….it’s a paradise ……….enjoy it…

  8. I’d prefer Hollywood above Tiger, altho I had great times in Tiger also. What about the bargirls Paul? I haven’t met any girl which needed money during my time in Phuket, in both tiger and hollywood, did I miss something?!

  9. Excellent club, was there in Sep 2010 and had a great time.

  10. hollywood is wicked girls are lovely music is the same every day but wicked
    love hollywood

  11. I was very disappointed big time at Hollywood. The guard was rude and the manager was even worse. When I told him that the guard was being rude to me and my friends he’s just asked me what was my drink and since I didn’t open the bottle of wiskey he treated me like shit. This is not the first time it’s happened to us and all I can say is I’ll never go back there and I would never recomment anyone as well.

  12. hollywood is awesome i love it so much a huge amount of beuatifull checks jumbing on you her and thier ,nice musice ,love it so much

  13. hollywood was beter than tiger becaus of good atmospher and nice music but in tiger it look had such a heavy atmospher.

  14. I Just came from Phuket last week and Hollywood club is the best night club ever in Phuket and now they are open until 8 A.M

    • Thanks for sharing that information to us Ali! Cheers! 🙂

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