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Phuket nightlife is always evolving and changing, but the good news is that over the last few decades it keeps getting better with plenty of night spots to try out throughout the different districts. Those from the west may enjoy the nightlife in Phuket more than areas such as Patong, Kata, and Karon due to the fact it is a bit less Westernized and thus more exotic and a treat to experience while on holiday.

The main emphasis of nightlife in Phuket town is actually a vibrant live music scene with dozens of local bands competing to win your patronage. In fact, clubbing usually consists of grabbing a group of friends and heading to the club. Once there usually the night consist of purchasing a bottle of whiskey to share while the group dances the night away near a table until one or two in the morning.

Most clubs in Phuket town are not DJ’d for the majority of the night, but instead feature local bands that play covers of local Thai favorites along with Western numbers tossed in between to lend some familiarity to tourists. At the end of the night the bands exit the stage and a DJ comes out to end the night with some techno or hip hop and given the fact that everyone is drunk at this stage of the night the dance floor usually lights up.

Timberhut is one of the best clubs in Phuket Town and one of the most popular given the fact that it could almost be considered historical in terms of average club longevity and due to the fact that it gets quite busy almost every day of the week and of course even more so on the weekends. For this reason it is best to head out early if you want a great spot since Timberhut gets the best local band that plays a much better set than most local musicians.

A larger club is the KorTorMor, which offers pretty much the same atmosphere but is especially popular among the younger student population. Foreigners also tend to enjoy the vibrancy and the crowds that party into the night at the club.

Oasis is another great albeit smaller venue that is a local hidden gem and a treasure to discover. It is quite a bit more homely and friendly and the music is standard. Most people simply enjoy the small town feel of the club.

Those who want a completely unique experience may want to head to the ex-pat jazz favorite called Music Matters. With an open air bar that is hidden down a small soi the club is a delight to spend some in with CDs playing most of night and sometimes a live band. For a quieter more intimate experience Music Matters is the palace to head.

Of course, Phuket Town also has a sprinkling of beer bars, brothels, and go-go bars but the presence of Western males is usually not favorably received so for this type of activity Patong is close by and the much better choice.

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  2. surin beach is always good fun and doesnt have the ozzy bogans like patong does. catch beach club and stereo labs for chilled fun without the tackiness and hookers! stereo labs goes off too on certain nights which has proved to be a great booze up in the past

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