Now is the time to visit Phuket

Tourism is way down in Phuket at the moment. A combination of political woes and bad press has meant that people aren’t keen to visit the island any more. What this means is that there has really never been a better time to visit Phuket.

Most people who visit Phuket during high season notice that there are some areas that are overcrowded. That’s the only real complaint tourists seem to have about Phuket. Last year was one of the busiest holiday seasons the island has ever had, but this year all that has changed.

Phuket is still safe. The island isn’t a trouble spot. So there’s no reason not to visit Phuket. It’s the same place as it was last year, just with fewer people. Phuket may not be off the beaten track, but when there aren’t so many people around, it’s a great place for a holiday.

Who knows what next year will bring, but for now, Phuket is cheap and it’s relatively quiet.

Author: Phuket Vogue

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