Oasis nightclub in Phuket City

Ad: Mae Luang Rd, Phuket City.

Oasis is a small Thai club in Phuket City that plays the usual ensemble of rock and indie hits, similar to KorTorMor, but not as big. The bands are usually pretty good and, being a smaller club, the atmosphere is always fun. The good thing about Oasis is that it isn’t too popular, so you can turn up on Friday or Saturday night, find space to chill in and have enough room to dance without people stepping on your toes.

The crowd is almost all Thai and beer is cheap, as are bottles of whiskey. As with most Thai clubs in Phuket, after the Thai band has run through its range of rock-music hits, a DJ comes on to blast out bizarrely fast techno music, which usually gets most people dancing.

There is no cover charge at Oasis, but you can’t smoke inside, expect in the toilets. Not the best club in Phuket City, but it can be a lot of fun.

Author: Phuket Vogue

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