Party at Baba Dining Lounge

Baba Dining Lounge held another successful party last night. Those guys at Baba really know how to throw a party. Baba is one of the more sophisticated bars in Phuket. It’s not even a bar really, more like a lounge, restaurant type of thing. At night, when they hold parties, they go all out, with bands and DJs and all sorts.

The crowd is a bit like the folks you see at Bed Supperclub in Bangkok. The Baba crew are always there doing their thing, so the parties can feel a little cliquey. The music was decent last night, with Bonnie Anderson providing live vocals. Unfortunately, she was joined by a bald guy who we can only describe as a bad version of the guy from the Audio Bullies.

Otherwise it was fun all round. The drinks were cheap enough, with cocktails and wine set at only 100 baht a piece. We each got three vouchers for three drinks and there was no cover charge at the door.

Be sure to check out Baba when they have a special event.

Author: Phuket Vogue

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  1. Agreed. Definitely go to their events.
    Baba did a good job this time around for sure.
    If it wasn’t so far life would be better. I hope they can maintain merely on the strength of these successful special events because seriously who wants to trek to Cape Panwa?
    But its a great space with the two levels and outside section, reasonable drinks, and good music, especially for Phuket.
    I found the crowd to be (refreshingly) slightly more down to earth than Bed Supperclub but, not being a BKK perosn, I don’t go to the latter very often, so what do I know? I basically thought it was a nice mix.

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