Party at the Paradise Complex!

The Paradise Complex is known throughout the world as one of Thailand’s most attractive sites for the gay community; there are probably between five and seven hundred storefronts, bars, clubs, cafes, where gays can meet, enjoy each other’s company, shop, see a show at a cabaret, and any number of gay oriented activities. The gay community in Phuket wasn’t always as thriving and open; at one point, gay men in the area met over the phone, discreetly and quietly. Gradually, bars and cafes opened where the occasional gay couple could find entertainment, and other gays to pass the time with. Single gays could meet others, or spend some money on a professional in private. Over the years, the confidential nature on the gay community has blossomed into a thriving, colorful culture of its own, flooding the streets in the Paradise Complex with its vivacity.

There are open air bars where gay couples can mingle with others, or meet gay escorts in the area, and hundreds of storefronts offering something for everyone. Of the most popular attractions however, are the cabarets, where costumed dancers, drag queens, and beautiful Thai katoey dress for the stage, dance, and sing their hearts out for their audience. Other popular attractions are the spas, where a couple can relax, and bathe, or get a massage from a professional. There are numerous restaurants and street vendors as well, serving up delicious Thai cuisine, whether it’s fine dining, or steaming kabobs from a sidewalk cart.

Author: Phuket Vogue

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