Partying in Patong!


Explore and discover Patong Beach’s wild side. It’s a great tourist place that fulfil the voracious desires of a traveler. It is an exciting place that reflects the Thai Culture, traditions and character. For a fearless traveller, trips to nearby places such as the James Bond Island, Chalong Bay or Tunnel cave could be interesting. While there are also plenty of opportunities for love a few yards away that could be successful, so don’t resist temptations. And of course for a techie traveller, Wi-Fi access is available along the beach hotels, coffee shops etc. Water sports can be exhilarating and fun anywhere in Patong Beach, especially parasailing, jet and water skiing, diving or even snorkelling.

You could also attend traditional Muay Thai boxing lessons and trekking through forests on elephants. Female travellers even enjoy attending some Thai cooking classes. A different state of mind could be achieved if you travel to Chalong Wat or Kalim Beach. An odd tour could also be arranged to visit the Cashew Nut factory, Phuket Butterfly Farm and Insectarium, Phuket Monkey School or The Gibbon Rehabilitation Center. Spend your evenings at a spa, getting a soothing foot or body massage and get prepared for the next day trip. Do visit the Tsunami Memorial Park, located north of Patong Beach in Kamala.

Night life in Patong Beach is an unforgettable experience and you could either start or end your trip day travelling at Soi Katoey on Bangla Road. Explore all the bars, pubs and discos and you can continue your Phuket experience at a cabaret show. You could even go for live concerts in Phuket Brewery; just be sure to remember a good ‘hair of the dog’ recipe for the next morning. Do not forget to enjoy the boat trip to Bang Wat Dam, just be sure to bargain for the best price and get affordable deals and tours available there. It is advisable to do a little research before and make your travelling plans, as there are so many things to see and do in Patong Beach, it could be very expenisve, or cheap, depending either on how much research you do on prices, or, how much luxury you plan to incorporate into your trip.

Booking a room in advance is really necessary especially during Christmas time being the peak season. Budget accommodations are a great choice as there are plenty of bungalows and lodges easily available. Affordable beach lifestyles are also possible here. Amidst the swaying palm trees and fun loving people, you will learn new cultures and traditions. You’ll bring many memories home after your trip, and who knows, –you may even begin planning a new trip on the way back from your first!

Author: Phuket Vogue

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  1. read up on some of the scams of patong before you go just so you know what ‘can’ happen. use some common sense and dont get absolutely wasted and you should be good!

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