Patong Fine Dining

Based on what you consider fine dining in area in which “Beach” is part of the name, we think we can help you find an ideal spot to get your culinary groove on. If beach dining is what does it for you, you’ll find more than your fill in Patong Beach. Da Maurizio is an Italian restaurant that serves a fine mix of Italian and Royal Thai cuisine, in a gorgeous atmosphere that allows diners an open air view of the ocean and beach, right outside the restaurant. You can find it on Kalim Beach, opposite Novotel Patong Resort.

Another excellent option, if you like the club scene, is Club Lime, that serves as a bar, club, and restaurant that has DJ’s playing real music, rather than regurgitated, endless techno on loop, serving as a backround for what is merely a place to pick up prostitutes. Club Lime is an actual club; for dancing and enjoying the food and night life. You can find Club Lime opposite Loma Park near Club Andaman Resort.

Now, the real deal in Patong Fine Dining, is along Rat-U-Thi Road; this is where you can find all the action your palate can handle, whether you’re fond of Italian, American, or just can’t get enough of delicious Thai cuisine.

There you’ll find the Jean-Pierre at the BYD Lofts, which offers class and comfort, serving tasty European cuisine at prices that won’t make you shudder. You can lounge on a sofa while you eat, with your elbow cock on a large pillow. The Playhouse is my personal favorite; it’s a restaurant and a theatre, where you can catch classy cabaret shows, every night but Sunday. The prices are affordable, though not cheap. They also run a cooking school, “Manathai” and can be found just opposite of the Paradise Complex.

Author: Phuket Vogue

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