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Patong bar girlsThere’s something about Patong girls that seems to attract masses of people to the area. Patong is renowned for its lively nightlife scene where the parties go on all hours of the night, but what is it about the place that people find so attractive? It must be the Thai girls, right?

When people refer to Patong girls, they are usually speaking about the girls you find in the go-go bars and beer bars in Patong, mostly around Soi Bangla. These girls have the odd talent of being able to make men fall in love with them, give them all their money and buy them expensive jewelry, all without blinking an eye.

First thing you’ll notice about Patong girls is that they are incredibly forthcoming. There’s a reason for this. They’re confident because they are there for a purpose, which is to earn money. When people say “bar girls”, what they really mean is “prostitutes who work in a bar”, but “bar girls” has a somehow more appealing ring to it.

While not all girls in Patong are bar girls, a large proportion of them are. Phuket’s sex industry is based in Patong. As a result, you will come across all manner of weird and oddball characters.

If you’re primary reason for visiting Phuket is to sample the naughty nightlife, then you will likely be spending the vast majority of your time in Patong. Be aware, then, that Patong girls will try and wrap you around their little fingers from the moment you lay eyes on them. While Patong girls are all innocent and smiles on the outside, they have a devious side beneath the exterior.

Case in point are the games that Patong girls play. If you’ve never been hustled over a game of Connect 4 then prepare yourself. Patong girls love to play board games and bet drinks on the outcome of the games. You can’t win – ever. Another common game involves hitting a nail into a trunk of wood with the wrong side of a hammer. The girls seem to love this one.

While prostitution is technically illegal in Phuket and all of Thailand, it’s widespread in Patong and you aren’t likely to get into trouble unless you are up to no good. Most Patong hotels are aware of what goes on and so they will likely turn a blind eye if you stagger home drunk with a bar girl on your arm.

Cases of bar girls and ladyboys drugging foreigners are more common than you might imagine. When you’re engaging a Patong girl in conversation, you have to ask yourself what type of girl she is. Passing out for eight hours only to wake up with a banging headache and with the contents of your wallet removed is not a pleasant experience, but it happens. Vigilance is necessary.

Patong girls are a lively, fun bunch to drink with, but if you’re planning on getting a bit more intimate with them, then it can be a gamble, especially if you are new to Patong – the girls can sense a newbie a mile off.

Author: Phuket Vogue

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