Patong Girls Are In It To Win It

The girlie bars in Patong, while great for entertainment and some fun company, also have some risks involved. The girls working here, while they may be willing to accompany you outside of the bar for a “date,” are solely interested in your money. Don’t forget that.

If you do decide to take one of the Patong girls out for a “date,” the bar will require a bar fine; a fee from you to cover the loss for taking the girl with you, which ranges from 200 to 500 Baht for an evening. Then the girl will also want you to pay her which can vary from 1000 to 4000 Baht.

Stay safe, of course. And be careful. If you stay with a girl for more than one night, expect to be stalked. After two nights, the girl will see you as her “boyfriend” and expect you not to “cheat” on her with other girls, “working” girls or not. She will also expect you to pay for her meals, tickets, etc., as well as give her gifts like jewelry. She will also ask you for your email address which she will use to continue asking you for financial assistance. If you send emails back, they will most likely be read by other family members helping her. And the emails she sends requesting money will probably the same email she will send to all her other “boyfriends.”

Another thing to be wary of; the katoey (ladyboys) of Patong are not always tourist friendly. They may have a nasty streak. They have been known to steal and pickpocket tourists. They will also expect payment if you take a photograph of them.

Have fun in Patong, but be careful; most of the people living here are very poor and are desperate to make a buck.

Author: Phuket Vogue

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