Pearl Cafe in Phuket Town

Ad: 42 Montri Road, Phuket Town. Tel: 076-211044. Email: [email protected]

The Pearl Hotel has a long history in Phuket is owned by the same family who own Indigo Pearl resort (Rivet Grill, Rebar). Pearl Hotel isn’t quite the luxury hotel you might expect after seeing Indigo Pearl. It’s not aimed at foreigners, but it seems to be popular with locals and the Chinese.

Pearl Cafe isn’t anything too much to get excited about. This Phuket Town restaurant offers a range of dishes, including Thai food, pasta, steaks, pizza and pretty much every other dish you could think of, prepared to reasonably high standards and served at a somewhat lethargic pace.

If you’re lucky, you might catch the band ambling through a couple of Thai country classics. There aren’t usually a whole bunch of people in the restaurant, but it’s a charming enough spot to grab dinner and it stays open late. It’s all very local. Pearl Cafe is also a place where you can grab a few drinks at night.

Author: Phuket Vogue

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