Phuket Activities for a Memorable Holiday

Amidst the beautiful blue of the Andaman Sea, you can discover the amazing and picturesque wonder of nature that is Phuket. It is just about a 70-minute plane ride from the city of Bangkok and is one of the most popular holiday destinations not only in Thailand but also in Asia. Although most people think that Phuket is a place to go to if you just want to lay on the beach, this wonderful island also offers numerous activities for travelers and vacationers. Here are a couple of Phuket activities to add to your itinerary.

1. For active individuals, going to a Muay Thai match would definitely make you Phuket holiday experience a unique and unforgettable one. Since Thailand is where this sport originated, you would be able to have a great time watching some matches at the boxing stadium in Phuket town that happens every Friday evening. You will also be able to see the pre-fight rituals as well as the music accompaniment.

2. For a piece of the rich culture and history of Thailand, you can also schedule a visit to the popular Buddhist temple, Wat Chalong. There are legends saying that there were a couple of miracles performed here in the past and that the temple has healing capabilities. The temple also features several famous Buddhist statues including the Pho Than Jao Nonsi, as well as Luang Poh Gleum and Luang Poh Chuang. You can also be able to see the Grand Pagoda which has a splinter of the bone of the Lord Buddha. Viewing the wall paintings would be another interesting activity while you are in Phuket as they depict the life of Buddha.

3. You can also take a walk in Old Phuket, where the streets are filled with numerous century-old houses which have been converted into hotels, shops and restaurants. As you spend a couple of hours here, you would be able to feel as if you are being enveloped by the island’s character as everything comes to life.

4. Though there are a lot of Phuket activities available for you to do on the island, nothing beats soaking in the sun on the white sandy beach. There are many beaches for you to choose from, all of which offer beautiful blue waters and exotic marine life. If you are looking to meet other people, then Patong Beach is for you. Patong Beach is known for its lively nightlife and activities, as well as for its affordable hotels and resorts. However, if you are looking to do some relaxation, then you would be better off at Nai Thon beach, which offers a lot of solitary time because it is an area of the island which is not yet too commercialized.

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