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A Phuket beachEveryone has their favorite Phuket beach. Some people swear by the convenience of Patong Beach while others opt for the seclusion of somewhere such as Mai Khao Beach. Usually about once a week we get an email from someone asking us which Phuket beach we recommend they visit.

There’s never an easy answer to this question. The Phuket beach we favor the most changes from one day to the next depending on what kind of mood we’re in. If you have a few days in Phuket, there’s certainly no reason why you can’t make the effort to visit more than one Phuket beach. Heck, if you have the time, you could visit them all.

There are more than a dozen Phuket beaches vying for your attention, so it would make sense to do a bit of exploring and try each one out for size. Patong is a fun Phuket beach for partying, but during the day we’d rather hang out somewhere like Laem Singh Beach or Nai Harn Beach.

At the moment, Surin has the Phuket beach that is all the rage with the island’s expat population thanks to a couple of decent bars and restaurants opening in the area. Another Phuket beach we enjoy visiting is Yanui Beach. It’s such a peaceful spot and receives relatively little foot traffic, especially during low season.

There’s a Phuket beach out there for everyone. Why not hire a motorcycle, cruise around the island at your leisure and see what you can discover? Leave the guidebooks at home and get out there and see the Phuket beaches for yourself firsthand.

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  1. For beachlovers like me, Definitely exploring Phuket will be fun. With all the beaches waiting to be discovered and enjoyed, cruising around in a motorcycle is fun!

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