Phuket cuisine

The food options at Phuket restaurants are diverse and include both the traditional Asian fare from Thailand and cosmopolitan choices for those who want more traditional Western dishes given the fact that many foreigners have moved to the island and set up tourist’s eateries that cater to Western visitors.
Seafood is extremely popular in Phuket simply because its seaside location and the large amount of fishing that takes place around the island.

Some of the traditional dishes that should be tried while in Phuket include Fried Noodle dishes that are usually made with chicken or pork and found at almost any noodle shop, Khanom Jin which is a breakfast version of noodles served with vegetables and a spicy curry sauce, and Nam Phri Kung Siap, which is a delicious mixture of smoked shrimp, dried chili, and fresh vegetables.

While not a meal, pineapples and cashew nuts are very popular forms of produce found around the island and due to the temperate climate are available throughout the year. The cashew nuts are often offered at local street markets coated, dried, or fried. You can also find fresh Phuket pineapples at the street markets or local produce markets and are worth purchasing given they are firm, wonderfully sweet, and delectable.
If you are eating out at a traditional Phuket restaurant make sure to order the Pad Kanaa Moo Grop, which is served with a kale and crispy pork and is a healthy tasty option. For a simpler dish, Kao Man Gai is great to try, made with chicken and rice that is rolled up in a padanus leaf somewhat like burritos.

Most beer in Thailand is imported locally so you will have to experiment to find something to suit your taste although be warned it tends to be quite high in alcohol content, Chang is perhaps the most popular, with imported Tiger beer a big seller also. Alternatively, you can try a Thai wine called Sato that is made from fruit and rice and is quite tangy and sweet.

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