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Phuket divingHuge numbers of people come to Phuket for the diving and snorkeling – and who could blame them? The seas around Phuket are some of the clearest and most beautiful in Southeast Asia. The exotic wildlife makes each underwater excursion unique. Phuket is rated as one of the top 10 diving destinations in the world. You’ll see everything, including odd-looking fish, crabs and lobster, interesting rock formations and incredible coral reefs – unlike anywhere else in the world. Visibility in the waters of the Andaman Sea is often in excess of 30 meters. The warm waters make for pleasurable trips beneath the surface. Some of the most exotic sightings include whale sharks and manta rays. Diving is available all year round and there are a number of reputable diving companies serving Phuket. Make sure you research your diving operator before you get on board.

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