Phuket Lifesaving Carnival — A Little Late, But Still A Great Event!

The idea behind this carnival event is to encourage swimmers, both young and old to compete, have fun, and most importantly, learn water safety rules. In Phuket, people love to swim, it’s a beach tourism spot known around the world, and adults aren’t the only ones who swim in the water. With so many swimmers, there are always a few drownings every season; the Lifesaving Carnival is an excellent way to increase awareness, and lower the number of drowning victims every year. Basically, the event consists of swimming competitions, races, and a lifesaving contest, so if you’re good at drowning, or good at rescuing, this is the event for you!

According to the Phuket Gazette:

“The Phuket Lifesaving Carnival is set to return to Patong next month after the original event in July was postponed because of bad weather. The carnival is now scheduled to take place on October 3. The first carnival took place last year and building on its success, the 2009 event will feature an expanded program. This year there are categories for all age groups, ranging from under-15s to over-50s. A category for Thai nationals has been introduced as part of an effort by the organizers to promote water safety and skills within the local community. The event is organized by The Phuket Lifeguard Club, a non-profit organization established in 2003 that conducts regular training programs for local adults and children in water safety, rescue, first aid and beach management skills. The carnival, based at Loma Park in Patong Beach, is sponsored by Le Meridien Phuket Beach Resort, Patong Municipality, Phuket International Hospital and Absolute Resorts.”

There’s also a person to contact if you’d like to sponsor or promote the event in any way; we urge you to give or do what you can, in order to support safe swimming in Phuket, especially after the numerous drownings this season.

Contact: Jayne MacDougall by email at [email protected]

Author: Phuket Vogue

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