Phuket nightlife still in action

The low season is really kicking in down here in Phuket. You can see the difference in the Phuket nightlife, particularly among the clubs and bars in Patong. Everything feels as if it is winding down. Phuket nightlife is usually buzzing with tourists and locals, but most of the tourists here at the moment are Asian. Even some of the long-time Phuket visitors are elsewhere, either on holiday or on business.

Phuket nightlife still has a lot to offer during low season. The bars in Patong stay open pretty much the whole year round. With fewer people trundling about the island, the nightlife scene in Phuket becomes a bit more civil, shall we say.

The downside of nightlife in Patong is that you come across far more undesirable people than in other places around the island. Come low season, a large percentage of those people are back in the real world, doing whatever it is they do, leaving the streets of Patong in peace.

We haven’t really been to Patong much in the past few months for the simple fact that it all becomes a bit dull during the peak of high season. Patong nightlife is still alive and kicking, just don’t spread the word too far or else all the louts will be back.

Author: Phuket Vogue

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