Phuket: One of the Hottest Gay Destinations in the World!

gay phuketThe Land of Smiles, Thailand is a Mecca for gays. With almost ninety percent of its population following Buddhism, there is not much judgement and certainly no protest against homosexuals. It is advised that westerners conduct some small research into the country’s traditions before going on tours because it may be a bit hard for them to take in all of a sudden. So it is best to prepare. That is, two people of same sex walking down the road holding hands might be taken as a simple friendship but two people of opposite sexes sexually mingling in the public is totally unacceptable.

Nudity in public is especially reacted upon by the officials as well as the civilians though what happens behind a closed door is a private matter. Never touch another’s head, as the head is considered to be sacred. Even pointing your feet at someone is considered as an act of dark magic or ill omen. The mood of the trip will be as the traveler chooses. It can be relaxing or active depending upon your own desires. Though the most popular attraction has been the ever active night life. The pubs, boy bars and go-go clubs that have been popping up all over the place are amazing.

All these make Phuket one of the hottest gay destinations. But there are places like Koh Samui where you can get the laid back traditional Thailand feel along with a little bit of night life though much more to a lesser degree than that of the cities. Catching a drag performance, visiting a Buddhist temple, and are other gay activities available. You can go on gay tours as well. The best time for a trip to Thailand is between November and February as the rest of the year is unpleasantly hot. While planning your gay vacations, keep in mind that the country offers three separate gay pride festivals. So what is not to like about this place? The food is great, great hangouts and night life and most of all, they don’t judge you or interfere with your “private matters”.

Author: Phuket Vogue

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