Phuket: Patong Beach Hotels for the Whole Family

Trying to find a family oriented hotel on Patong Beach might seem like an impossible task, but believe me, the hotels are there. Most of the rumored sex tourism in Patong Phuket, and in the small village is mostly just that; rumor. Much of the seedier nightlife can be found instead in the larger, neighbouring area of Phuket Town. Patong Beach hotels are often as family oriented as in any other location, and it’s up to you, responsible parent, to undertake the task of finding the perfect location, for your family holiday. Furthermore, it’s not as difficult as one would think, both for the reasons above, and this reason: continue reading, because this is your guide to doing it!

Before we list a few of the more family friendly Patong Beach hotels, consider the ages of your children; teenagers will probably favor beach activities, while younger children will probably be just as satisfied with a pool, and an indoor hotel adventure program, that caters to families with young children. Many hotels in Patong Phuket also offer guided tours for teens, and beach activities where adults from the hotel can monitor safety, and behaviour. Regardless of the age of your children the family oriented hotels in the area, often have alternative activities available for young children, teens, and even day care services, for when Mom and Dad want to get out for some alone time.

Holiday Inn Resort Phuket – Patong Beach – The Holiday Inn has been providing people all over the globe with top notch hotel services for a very long time; Holiday Inn is a chain of accommodations that can be trusted to deliver quality no matter where it’s located. The same can be said of the one located in Patong Phuket, only here they go the extra mile to make sure kids aren’t left out of all the fun. For kids under 12, there are “kidsuites”; rooms with toys, and theme furniture, that accommodate two adults and two kids. Included are a kids’ club; activities that are guided and designed for kids 14 and under, as well as kid friendly menus, and a babysitting service.

Merlin Beach Resort – Patong Beach – This resort is actually a five star destination, located just north of Patong Phuket in the hills, and is noted for being more removed from the city area; a great destination for families who love the Patong destination, but can do without the busy Patong town life. The resort has a club for kids “The Bam Bam Club” open all day at the pools, which includes guided activities, and attentive care for younger children. This is certainly one of the Patong Beach hotels to keep an eye out for.

Club Andaman Beach Resort – Patong Beach – The Club Andaman Beach Resort is one of the Patong Beach hotels with a specially designed arcade area designed for kids that includes table games, table tennis, video games, scheduled arts and crafts activities, and a babysitting/day care service available for parents who need to get out and relax for a night without the younger family members. A great place to stay in Patong Phuket.

Author: Phuket Vogue

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