Phuket restaurant and bar rumors

There seems to be a lot of rumors about Phuket restaurants and bar at the moment. Either people have wild imaginations or else there are a few Phuket restaurants that have closed their doors.

Perhaps the saddest rumor is about Drunken Monkey, a cool little restaurant in Rawai that serves up some great pub food. The story goes that a soured relationship led to a split in the guys running the joint, but the restaurant seems to be still open under new management. It’s definitely a bit sad to see the fellas behind Drunken Monkey not in charge anymore, but such is life.

Elsewhere, O’Malley’s seems to be in a spot of bother. The place has been shut for several weeks. The dude who runs O’Malley’s also run a local booze-delivery service, so we suspect most of his time is taken up with that. With any luck, O’Malley’s will be open once again this coming high season. They do fabulous breakfasts there.

Author: Phuket Vogue

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