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If you’re planning to visit a place you’ve never been before, a little insider information can be extremely useful. Amongst thousands Phuket reviews as a tourist destination, there are several definite trends that may help you decide where to go and what to do.

Almost without exception, Phuket reviews of the islands beaches are lyrical in their praise. These reviews inevitably mention the silky white sand and unmatched clarity and allure of the water. All agree that the coral formations and marine life around Phuket and the more than 30 smaller islands offshore are in competition for the title of “best waters and diving anywhere in the world”.

In addition, most reviews rave about the delights of the many and varied excursions by boat, whether on a two-masted local fishing boat, a speedboat, a kayak or any of the other possibilities. Quite simply, the waters around Phuket are utterly enticing, and it would be hard to go wrong with any activity in or on the sea in this tropical pretty-close-to-Paradise.

The Phuket reviews of visitor accommodations generally point out the range of options from basic shacks to some of the most luxurious and beautifully appointed hotels and resorts in the world. Most agree that prices are lower than comparable establishments in other countries, and that outstanding service and friendly, helpful staff is found just about anywhere you stay.

If you read a few Phuket reviews about the nightlife around Phuket town, you will probably conclude that some areas, particularly Patong Beach and its environs, are the place to go and party hearty ‘til the wee hours. There is no doubt that the famous/infamous Simon Cabaret is an unforgettable experience, but opinions vary between great praise and near-horror. For a quieter evening you should check out other spots further up the coast.

Reviews of the dining opportunities in Phuket indicate that good food is the norm, and the choices are unlimited. Anything from traditional Thai dishes to “the best Italian food in Asia” may be offered, and you can count on expert preparation and fresh ingredients, including just-caught seafood and just-picked fruit.

Should you desire a round of golf, most Phuket reviews agree that there are few more beautiful or challenging courses in all of Asia than those to be found here. To round out and top off your Phuket experience, be sure to visit one of the world-class spas that abound on the island. The Asian traditions of physical and spiritual rejuvenation are personified here for the ultimate gratification of body and soul.

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