Phuket tourism for dummies

The island of Phuket in the south of Thailand is the country’s most popular destination for tourists. In bygone years Phuket was a major port on the trade route between India and China; its chief exports were tea and rubber. Today it is the wealthiest province in Thailand due to the burgeoning Phuket tourism.
The Phuket International Airport is the second largest in Thailand, with plenty of direct flights and cheap charters to other major transportation hubs. The population is largely Muslim, with a mix of Buddhists and Thai-Chinese, and English is widely spoken and understood in the main Phuket tourism areas.

Phuket Town, the largest city on the island, is just about the only city without a beach or multiple beaches. That city serves as a base for Phuket tourism to other areas, with a variety of accommodations and access to the beaches and other attractions all over the island.

Most of the hotels and resorts in other areas offer shuttle bus service to and from Phuket Town, and there are a lot of local taxi services, but visitors are advised to beware of price gougers, since many are inclined to increase the fare to get more than their fair share of Phuket tourism income.

Phuket and its neighbouring small islands offer some of the best snorkelling and scuba diving to be found anywhere, with warm clear waters and bountiful coral reefs in both shallow and deep water.

The climate is hot and humid year round, and there is no season when water sports of all kinds are not alluring. Even during the monsoon season (from May to October) the days are clear and sunny until late afternoon.

A few of the major highlights for Phuket tourism visitors include such differing attractions as the Big Buddha, covered completely in white Burmese marble tiles and overlooking Chalong Bay from its 400m hill, and the Simon Cabaret, a spectacular showcase for transvestites who could arguably turn many a runway model green with envy.

Another growing Phuket tourism attraction is the wide variety of world-class spas located in just about every area of the island. The amenities and treatments range from the ancient to the modern with every combination thereof, and most are the equivalent or better than those found in major cosmopolitan centres around the world, at considerably lower prices.

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