Phuket Town or Phuket City

A few of you have noticed that we use Phuket Town and Phuket City interchangeably on this website. So what’s the deal with that? Why not stick with one and not the other? For years, the area was known as Phuket Town. In fact, most of the signs in Phuket still refer to the place as Phuket Town. Guidebooks and maps still mention Phuket Town and even some who live in Phuket still use Phuket Town.

However, in 2004, the area was elevated to city status (thesaban nakhon in Thai). What was once called Phuket Town all of a sudden became Phuket City. The transition between the two names still causes much confusion because the area has the feeling more of a town than a city.

The reason why you will find Phuket Town and Phuket City on this website is because people use both and therefore people search the Internet for both terms. If we were to only use one and not the other, we’d eliminate about half the people searching for the area through websites such as Google.

Sure, it would tidy the website up a bit, but we’d miss out on a lot of traffic.

We actually prefer to use the official term, Phuket City, but we still use Phuket Town here and there in an attempt to maximize the number of visitors to Phuket Vogue who may come here searching for Phuket Town nightlife or Phuket City restaurants.

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  1. Congratulations on your launch, and can I remark that I really do like your site! Just FYI, I found it be searching on Google for “Catch Bar Phuket Location” – as I wasn’t 100% sure where it is.

    Can I offer a tip for Phuket Vogue?

    You have a lot of activities listed, but no private boat charter for snorkelling trips. Last year I found this outfit called Coral Seekers – They are what I would call “entry-level” to luxury as a boutique marine charter company. What I liked about this outfit is that I got transfers, a privately owned reception centre (beach club on beautiful Ao Yon beach) to get changed etc, a boat for the day to myself (and my family). I got the services of a guide, lunch set up for me on the beach, and the feeling of exclusivity of pulling in and out of the destinations in my own time and pace. The fish were fabulous and my kids were thrilled (as was the wife because I wasn’t gone all day as I do when diving!) And the cost? My day came in under US$350…..which, for what I got I felt was unbelievable. They also seem to do a good line in sand-between-the-toes beach wedding ceremonies.

    Now my confession: I liked the company so much, that I came back at the end of last year and bought it. I have just relocated from Hong Kong to run it.

    I will shortly be re-branding the company to take the look and feel more up-market. Like you, we are a work in progress! However the essence of the company remains the same – we have loads of repeat customers.

    Happy to consider any complimentary activities we can do. Let’s catch up some time.


    James Harris
    Managing Director
    Coral Seekers

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