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Phuket’s beaches are perhaps the main reason why people choose to return to the island years after year. As well as golden sands you have warm, clear waters (in most places) and ample opportunities to engage in all manner of watersports. In Phuket, it’s possible to try your hand at everything from jet-skiing and kite surfing to waterskiing and fishing.

You might choose to book a tour with an operator to one of the islands surrounding Phuket or perhaps you’d rather cruise around in a canoe. And don’t forget that Phuket is one of the region’s most popular sites for diving and snorkeling.

It usually doesn’t take much to entice persuade thrillseekers to give jet-skiing a go. The rush of being out on the water with the wind in your hair is enough to get most people interested. As a result, jet-skiing is one of the most popular watersports that you’ll see in Phuket.

While it may look difficult from the beach, riding a jet-ski is actually fairly straightforward and even complete beginners will pick it up in no time. There are five beaches where jet-skis are legally allowed to be operated. Those are Patong Beach, Kamala Beach, Bang Tao Beach, Karon Beach and Kata Beach.

If the red flags are up, it means that the water is too choppy for jet-skiing. Red flags are most common during the rainy season (November to May) when the water conditions in Phuket are more unpredictable.

Every now and then, foreigners have jet-ski mishaps. These usually come about when people lower their guard and start riding recklessly. Jet-skis are high-powered machines and the last thing you want during a holiday in Phuket is to end up injured or, worse, injuring someone else.

Wear a lifejacket and make sure you stay within 500 meters of the coastline. Also bear in mind that if you damage the jet-ski even a little bit, you could find yourself confronted by an irate jet-ski operator who will try and get you to cover the cost of repair. In these circumstances, it’s best to keep a cool head.

As you may know, the area around Phuket is world famous for diving. On any one dive you can be assured of coming into contact with so many different types of marine life, as well as interesting rock formations. The waters are always warm and visibility is usually perfect for a good dive.

Depending on where you dive, you might see manta rays or even sharks. Check out our information about diving in Phuket and where all the best dive spots are.

Likewise, snorkeling is also a very popular watersport in Phuket as it’s so easy to get into. All you need is a mask and a snorkel and perhaps some fins. You can snorkel anywhere around Phuket and there are all sorts of exciting marine creatures to be discovered. Be aware of rip currents and red flags.

Canoeing and kayaking are also popular Phuket water sports, although these are a lot more laidback than jet-skiing. There’s nothing better than floating along on the water and enjoying the scenery around Phuket’s coast or the coast of one of the islands surrounding Phuket. If you’re feeling adventurous, you might want to head inland and take on some of the whitewater rapids the area is known for.

There is so much to explore around Phuket and some of the best tours take in the region’s caves.

For some people, fishing is about as boring an activity as you could ever wish to take part. For others, fishing a great way to spend a day. Phuket has become increasingly popular with fans of angling and sportfishing. There are lots of different species that you might catch, including everything from seabass to king mackerel. As a general rule of thumb, whatever you catch, you have to release back into the water.

If you spend any time in Patong or Karon, it won’t be long before you see someone try parasailing, which involves hooking yourself up to a parachute and being pulled along by a speedboat. Take care if you want to give this a go as there have been numerous cases of foreigners being dragged along the beach before making the ascending into the sky. There is, however, no better view in Phuket than from a parachute.

Phuket has a large sailing community. Sailing is a great way to get out onto the open water and explore the surrounding area. You can rent your own yacht or boat, or else daytrips can be organized by tour operators. There are also lots of opportunities for combining sailing with snorkeling, diving and fishing. If you aren’t a dab hand on deck you can hire people to get you from A to B in one piece.

Surfing is also becoming one of Phuket’s most popular water sports. Be sure to check out our information about surfing in Phuket. Also, if you fancy trying out windsurfing, head to Patong, where boards can be rented and lessons are available. The best time to go surfing or windsurfing is during the rainy season.

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  1. seems the word is getting out more and more that some of the jet-ski operators are out to rip you off. i have hired them a few times with no issues but also know of a few others who have had problems. one guy i know just called the tourist police who were really helpful and managed to get the ridiculous $ they wanted down to a fair amount….took a while and a trip to the cop shop tho! the rogue operators will eventually have such a bad rep that no-one will rent them at all….shooting themselves in the foot!

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