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Phuket weather is one of the topics that seems to come up frequently in Phuket forums. People often hear stories about how much rain falls during the monsoon season and then start to have doubts about how their trip to Phuket will pan out. Having been in Phuket year round, we can safely say that rain shouldn’t ruin any trip to Phuket.

During the wettest months, when it rains, it goes hell for leather, but it’s usually in short, sharp bursts with sun at either end. While it can be pretty miserable when the heavy rain is falling, it’s not as if it rains for 30 days solid. Even during monsoon season, there are bright intermissions and whole days without rain. Phuket weather is never unbearable.

Phuket is hot all year round. During the rainy season, there are occasional “cool” days, but you won’t need a coat or gloves. The hottest periods for Phuket weather are from April to May and then from September to October, when temperatures soar into the thirties.

During September and October, the rains start to fall and Phuket experiences its wettest period in terms of volume. In May, it’s said to rain about 25 days of the month, but this is only a rough estimate. This is Phuket’s longest rainy period. In June and July, the rain comes and goes, with heavy showers lasting anything from 15 minutes to an hour or more.

November to March is the coolest time for Phuket weather. Come March, things start to heat up and the weather becomes scorching.

There is no reason to not visit Phuket during monsoon season. If anything, it’s the best time because there are less people and it’s not too hot. You should expect showers here and there, but you will still be able to get out and about and see the island.

The rainfall is at its lowest in January and February, gradually increasing until about June and spiking in September until gradually trailing off until January again.

The average temperature in Phuket is about 30 degrees Celsius.

Author: Phuket Vogue

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  1. Thank you for this review. Sincerely, after experiencing monsoon season in Goa, where we suffered a week of thunderstorm without electricity at hotel & any restaurants in Goa, we were quite careful to visit Asian countries in their monsoon season. But your article convinced me otherwise. It sounds to me like rainy season in Indonesia. Well, we plan to visit Phuket in early September, hopefully Goa’s experience won’t repeat!

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