Rang Yai Island

Location: Off the east coast.
How to get there: Charter a boat from Laem Hin Pier.

Rang Yai Island in Phuket

Rang Yai Island is privately owned by one company. The island is tiny and you can walk around the whole thing in about 25 minutes. The beach is awesome, but the water can be a bit murky. Rang Yai Island is a beautiful place that is popular for day trips.

The resort on the island is pretty cool, with a few bungalows dotted around and some sporting activities, including even a putting green. Rang Yai Island is also home to a pearl farm, so day trips inevitably take in a tour of the farm before tourists are herded into the shop to buy pearls.

Rang Yai Island isn’t exactly the sort of place you can just show up at. You’ll need to contact the resort to arrange a trip. (www.rangyaiisland-phuket.com)

Rumor has it that the island is, or was, actually for sale, but we haven’t heard any more about that for some time. You can hire bikes on this Phuket island and cycle around, enjoying the sights and generally lazing about. There isn’t much point in snorkeling, but swimming is certainly possible.

The food on the island is decent and is, of course, provided by the resort. It’s also possible to get married on Rang Yai Island if you fancy saying your vows there. As far as Phuket islands go, Rang Yai Island is certainly worth exploring.

Author: Phuket Vogue

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