Red Onion Thai restaurant in Phuket City

Ad: 19th floor, Royal Phuket City Hotel, Phang Nga Rd, Phuket City. Tel: 076-23333. Web:

Like 154, Red Onion is located in Royal Phuket City. Thankfully the food a little better than at 154. Like many other places to eat in Phuket, Red Onion features an array of Thai dishes with a healthy ensemble of international meals to choose from.

For what you get, the food at this restaurant in Phuket City is a little overpriced. Choose from roasted duck, pork fillet, lamb chop and sirloin steak, among other favourites.

As with most of the places to eat at Royal Phuket City Hotel, the atmosphere at this restaurant is a little dry, so we don’t recommend eating there unless you are actually staying at Royal Phuket City. Otherwise, why bother?

Being up on the 19th floor of Royal Phuket City, Red Onion is a restaurant with a decent view, although it’s perhaps not quite as romantic as you might imagine.

Author: Phuket Vogue

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