Relax! It's only the Phuket weather

We’ve had a decent spell of Phuket weather over the past week or so. The only time it has been raining has been at night or early in the morning. The great thing about Phuket weather is that no matter how wet it may be at one point, you can be sure that the rain won’t last long. Furthermore, once the rain stops, everything in Phuket will be dry faster than it takes you to get your raincoat off.

Phuket weather shouldn’t really be a factor in whether you have a great holiday or not. There is heavy rain at many points during the year, but even during the wettest months, the Phuket weather is forgiving.

It’s not as if it rains for 30 days straight. People often fear the Phuket weather, but we don’t really get the same flooding as you see in Bangkok. Also, Phuket weather doesn’t bring the whole island to a standstill, as the rain in Bangkok can.

I guess we have the luxury of being next to the sea. Phuket weather is hot all the time, so the addition of rain is usually welcomed and will actually help you cool off.

Author: Phuket Vogue

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