Rock City 2 nightclub in Patong

Ad: Opposite Soi Bangla, on Rat-U-Thit 200 Pi Road, Patong. Web:

Located within walking distance of the original Rock City, Patong has a second version of the popular pub for rockers to enjoy nostalgic rock ’n’ roll hits. The music policy is near identical to the original Rock City, with several bands serving up rock music covers throughout the night. The tunes at Rock City 2 are a bit more up to date, with songs by bands such as Evanesence and Green Day.

Rock City in Patong is one of the few nightclubs that can really deliver Western rock music. If you’re a fan of rock and indie, this is a decent place to go. Rock City 2 is about the same size as the other Rock City, with ample seating for partygoers. Drinks are perhaps a bit expensive, but the atmosphere is always buzzing.

Both the Rock Citys are among the more popular clubs in Patong, so expect the seats to be filled early on weekend nights.

Author: Phuket Vogue

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