Rockin' Angels nightclub in Phuket City

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Rockin’ Angels is a little bar on Yaowarat Rd that you might have walked past 100 times before you even knew it was there. Most of the time, it’s a pretty lazy hangout serving drinks and friendly chats. It’s a chilled kind of Phuket City bar most of the time, but at night when there are enough people around, once the band starts playing, the parties can go on until the early hours with people spilling out into the street.

During low season the entertainment tends to be provided by CD, but come high season, once all the tourists are in and the teachers are out in force, Rockin’ Angels becomes a hive of activity. Phuket nightlife is full of little nightspots such as Rockin’ Angels.

Coming from the Old Phuket Town roundabout, you’ll find Rockin’ Angels on your right just before the first intersection. Jam sessions have been known to occur at the drop of a hat and there are always a few hipsters hanging out and soaking up the vibe.

Author: Phuket Vogue

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  1. “Coming from the Old Phuket Town roundabout, you’ll find Rockin Angel on your right just before the intersection. ”
    This could mean absolutely anything. Crazy directions…

  2. Why crazy? If you’re travelling along Yaowarat Rd from the roundabout, it’s there by the intersection. Perhaps we should insert “first”.

  3. It doesn’t mention Yaowarat Road – which gives readers three options to “Come from the roundabout”.

  4. The ad at the top says, “Ad: Yaowarat Rd. Web:” The first line of the review says, “Rockin Angel is a little bar on Yaowarat Rd”

  5. Thank you guys for the intro, greatly appreciated!! Anyway, here’s the name….
    Rockin’ with the ‘ at the end and Angels with the s at the end.

    The website is put on hold now as i’m using the most effective tool now….Facebook

  6. Nice plug for the Rockin’ Angels pub/jammin’club. Hello to club owners Patrick and Tik from Wayne & Joy aka Burtie & Tess in Canada. I cyber-met Pat on the Net 3 days before Big Sue hit Phu. We have been friends since that nasty happening. I played in a Canadian band called the Rockin’ Angels in Sudbury, Ontario, Canada back in the early 60s.
    Pat I understand through others, plays a mean axe. Maybe someday we’ll make it half way round the globe to share in the Phuket fun. Sounds slike a shit kickin’ club with good people having fun.
    tfn..Rockin’ Wayne just next to Maine…Woodstock, New Brunswick on the Canada/U.S.A. border.

  7. Yes, Patrick’s not only a good muso, he’s also a great guy. Hi Patrick…

  8. Aww, man. He isn’t really that good you know. I’ve heard him play and I’m sure I’ve seen many musicians play way better than him in the clubs there. Hmm, not my first choice of a nightclub…

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