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Twinpalms Hotel in Phuket

Here at Phuket Vogue, we can’t resist a great offer when we see one, especially if it can save our readers money on Phuket hotels. We’ve scoped out the five most popular Phuket hotels and resorts to bring you savings of up to 60%.

If you’re mulling the idea of visiting Phuket or you’re currently planning your next holiday, we hope savings on these Phuket hotels will help keep a bit of extra cash in your pocket to spend elsewhere on the island.

There really has never been a better time to visit Phuket. The island is unusually quiet so you can be assured of having more space on the beach, more room on the dance floors and more freedom on the roads. Here’s our rundown of the top five Phuket hotels and resorts.

  • A familiar favorite at Phuket Vogue, Indigo Pearl is one of the most stunning Phuket resorts you could ever hope to find. We don’t exactly keep it a secret how much we love Indigo Pearl. Located in the north of the island, away from the crowds and the bulk of the island’s development, Indigo Pearl is a huge resort modeled on elements from Phuket’s tin-mining past. It has two of the island’s top restaurants, a trendy cocktail bar and a great swimming pool. If you want luxury while in Phuket, this is it. The Sunday brunch is also a winner.
  • Another Phuket resort that we can’t stop raving about is the Thara Patong Beach Resort & Spa. Located in the bustling beach town of Patong, this resort is sufficiently secluded so you can escape the masses and find your own private hideaway. The spa is an ideal place to go if you fancy nothing more than loafing around and being pampered. Rates at this hotels are also the lowest out of our top five – a bargain if ever we’ve seen one.
  • Staying in Patong and we come to one of the most striking Phuket resorts around. The Millennium Resort is in a prime location in Patong, within walking distance of all the action, but as soon as you set foot on the resort’s grounds, you’ll forget about the outside world. The interior of this place will blow you away. It’s clear that Patong has come a long way from the time when it was a haven for backpackers.
  • Moving to Surin Beach for our next Phuket hotel, the Twinpalms Hotel offers 76 fine guestrooms complete with all the usual suspects in terms of amenities. The great thing about a hotel such as this one is its location. Surin Beach is fast becoming Phuket’s hotspot in terms of fine dining and hip parties. Have a massage, take a dip in the pool or try your hand at one of the watersports on offer.
  • This brings us to our final Phuket hotel. The Sawasdee Village Hotel is located in Kata, which is one of Phuket’s most popular beaches. Don’t let that put you off, however, because the beach is definitely worth making the effort to visit, even if you’re staying elsewhere. If you enjoy hanging 10, Kata is also home to Phuket’s surf community. Wireleess Internet, a swimming pool and spa are just a few of the facilities at this Phuket hotel.

Knowing that there are big savings to be had on Phuket hotels and resorts, booking a vacation in Phuket is a no-brainer. If you still need convincing, feel free to read through our information about Phuket’s beaches, islands, nightlife and restaurants. Otherwise, we’ll see you at the beach!

Author: Phuket Vogue

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