Scruffy Murphy's Irish pub in Patong

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There are seemingly hundreds of bars and pubs in Patong, but Scruffy Murphy’s is better than most of them, if only because of the awesome band that plays there every night. Scruffy Murphy’s is an Irish bar in Patong that is busy pretty much every night. A large number of island residents frequent the pub, which is a surefire sign that it’s worth checking out.

The drinks aren’t all that cheap, but they serve draught beers, Guiness and even cans of cider. Scruffy Murphy’s is definitely among the more interesting pubs in Patong. The band, fronted by an energetic Filipino lady and a dude with a violin, plays various covers and even the occasional Jewish track. Expect to hear lots of U2 and perhaps the odd Tina Turner hit (that girl can really sing).

Scruffy Murphy’s is a great Patong bar for pre-club drinks. The place is open during the day, too, and serves decent pub food.

Author: Phuket Vogue

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  1. Tina Turner’s voice really got some power, no wonder she is very very popular.’                

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