Seduction nightclub in Patong

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Probably the most popular nightclub in Patong, if not the whole of Phuket. Suduction Discoteque is renowned for churning out hip hop and dance music in Patong. Seduction in Patong doesn’t usually get busy until after 11 pm, when the hordes of tourists and locals start piling in.

Seduction has the benefit of featuring two floors and the music usually progresses from hip hop to electro, house and other dance music beats. As far as Patong clubs go, this one is all right if you’re drunk and in the mood for dancing.

The Patong club scene is based around clubs like Seduction, so you may as well check it out and see if you like it. The drinks are fairly priced and there is usually a happy hour at 11 pm when spirits become super cheap.

Seduciton is another Patong club that usually has a cover charge, It’s generally not very much, but it’s a charge nonetheless.

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    I want to vist Phuket late March or early April this year.I have never been to this place earlier.pls advise me is it a good destination to visit.

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