Skippers sports bar at Royal Phuket Marina

Ad: Royal Phuket Marina, near Heroine’s Monument. Tel: 076-360890. Web:

Skippers at Royal Phuket Marina in Phuket is a cool bar. Being in Royal Phuket Marina, it’s one of the more stylish and high-end bars in Phuket. It’s therefore not a flip-flops-and-vest kind of place. The people at Skippers are mostly expats and boat people, along with some classy girls in slinky dresses.

Skippers is supposedly a Phuket sports bar, so you can drink in comfort and watch the latest sports on one of the many TVs. Skippers is a pretty cool place that has something of a romantic ambience, being next to the marina. If you want to impress someone or you’re on a hot date, a stop at Skippers would be a suitable choice.

The drinks aren’t particularly cheap, but then you wouldn’t expect them to be. The team at Skippers bar work pretty hard to hold regular events and special occasions. Worth a look.

Author: Phuket Vogue

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  1. cool spot for a drink, but it can be a bit “boaty people” only atmosphere! probably only go there as a post boating trip drink as its a bit out of the way too.

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