Strange goings-on in Thailand

Thailand is affectionately known as the Land of Smiles, but it could equally be known as the Land of Curious Events. If you’ve ever been to Thailand, you will no doubt be aware that life is a little bit different than in the West. Everything runs at its own pace and people occasionally do barmy things. Imagine if you will the following scenes, all reported in local media outlets and all 100% true.

  • A young chap named Chai, from Ang Thong, was taken to hospital on December 7 with half his jaw and face missing. Although the family was initially reluctant to talk about the incident, the details did slowly come out. Eighteen-year-old Chai had been clowning around with friends when he came across a pack of firecrackers. Keen to be the center of attention, young Chai put one of the firecrackers in his mouth and proceeded to perform oral sex on it. Unluckily for him, the firecracker climaxed in a big way, taking half the hapless teen’s face with it.
  • Last month, in Roi Et, an army private named Benchaphon Dangwibul had been at his parents’ house when he decided to go fishing. Without a fishing rod, he waded into the pond and caught a small fish with his bare hands. After taming the four-inch beast, he went in hunt of something a little larger. Needing both hands, he put his little fish in his mouth and tried to grab something a bit bigger from the water. The little fish didn’t take kindly to being in a human mouth and so it wriggled free and found its way down poor Benchaphon’s throat, where it became lodged thanks to its sharp fins. He was rushed to hospital where doctors were able to get a hold of the small fish and pull it out, piece by piece.
  • In September this year, police in Phuket were called to a scene where a group of ladyboys were beating up two Saudi tourists. Knocked senseless, the victims were taken to hospital while the ladyboys were arrested and escorted to the local police station. It was a common scenario: two ladyboys had wooed the two tourists with flashes of their enormous fake breasts. The foursome had gone back to a hotel room when, low and behold, the tourists discovered a little extra something downstairs. Enraged, the duo tried to get the ladyboys to leave, which was when shemale backup was called in and the Saudis were ambushed.
  • Something similar happened to a poor French chap named Simon. After getting a bit jiggy with his newfound girlie friend, Simon discovered that the she was actually a he. So horrified by this, the 23-year-old tourist jumped out of his third-story window and broke his back.
  • Buffalo Ladyboy Gang: the name sparks fear in every male in Chiang Mai. Poor old Sirichai Wutinansurasing was too drunk to drive home one night, so he decided to sleep in his car. To his surprise, he woke up to find a group of ladyboys rummaging through his car looking for valuables. Perhaps most disturbingly was that one of the ladyboys was taking off Sirichai’s trousers and fumbling for some valuables of a different kind. Sirichai fought off the Buffalo Ladyboy Gang and they ran away. The Buffalo Ladyboy Gang was so called because one of its members is very fat. The gang members were later arrested and confessed to ripping off 40 drunk people, performing oral sex on them as a way of making up for the inconvenience.

All these stories really happened. Doesn’t this tempt you to want to go to Thailand?


Author: Phuket Vogue

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