Sunday pictures of Phuket girls

While Patong may be the subject of the Phuket governor’s plan to crackdown on prostitution and the trade of pirated goods, there is no denying that Patong and Phuket are full of beautiful Thai girls. Some people come to Phuket to fall in love with Thai girls, while others simply come for the eye candy.

For the sake of providing readers with something to gawk at for a few minutes, we tracked down a few pictures of Patong girls and some more pics of Phuket girls. We can’t promise that every trip to Phuket will end with you marrying one of these Phuket girls, but when you’ve been in Thailand for a while you start to realize that almost anything is possible.

But don’t be fooled. If you’re looking for love, you don’t have to find it in a bar girl. It’s almost taboo to say it, but it is possible to meet Thai girls in Phuket who don’t work in a bar. It’s possible to, you know, do things the normal way. Without further ado, here are some Phuket girls:

Patong girls

Phuket girl

Phuket girls

We’re all about equal rights here, so here’s is a shot of a Phuket ladyboy.

Phuket ladyboys


Author: Phuket Vogue

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    Jerry the Pilot

  2. hi i’m going to phukey from julay 10 i’m looking for cute girl to have fun and enjoy the time on phuket

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