Surin Beach

Surin Beach used to be the playground of the rich and famous, but things have changed and now the area is more accessible than ever before, although it still retains some of its high-end appeal. Surin Beach is more peaceful than other Phuket Beaches, such as Patong Beach and Karon Beach.

Surin Beach is usually a hive of activity, from people playing football to others flying kites. The beach has some great shallow water for splashing about in.

There are clear waters and unspoiled beachfront. Surfing and snorkeling are popular at Surin Beach and there are enough sun loungers for everyone. The beach is only about one kilometer long, although it is a fine stretch.

There are a few rocks off the coast so care should be taken when swimming, especially during the monsoon season. There are usually several jet-skis here and there, but for the most part, noisy watersports aren’t a common sight. There are some good spots for snorkeling at either end of the beach.

Surin Beach is also a popular spot where property developers have been focusing on selling property. As a result, there are some trendy, high-end restaurants and bars. There are also a number high-end resorts at Surin Beach, such as Twin Palms Resort.

The area is all very glamorous and glitzy, but it remains one of the better Phuket beaches and also has some decent nightlife spots nearby, such as the Red Room and the Supper Club.

The locals enjoy trips to Surin Beach and it’s possible to lounge in the shade underneath pine trees. Yes, Surin Beach has pine trees, rather than palm trees.

Surin Beach is also where you will find Surin Village, a peaceful little spot in the center of Phuket’s Muslim community. Ban Thao Mosque is an impressive site, although you might want to avoid visiting it on Friday on the Muslim holy day. There are lots of markets stalls selling food and other items.

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