Take care when eating at restaurants in Phuket

We’ve just come off a bad case of food poisoning. When it comes to restaurants in Phuket, you’re usually safe, but food poisoning does happen. For the most part, eating at Thai restaurants in Phuket isn’t going to make you sick, but when you choose to eat outside of the Thai box, you can end up ill.

In our experience, the Phuket restaurants that should be approached with most caution are sushi restaurants. Fuji, Oishi and so on are great places to eat, but there is always a danger when eating raw fish.

Similarly, cheap Italian restaurants in Phuket have been known to cause food poisoning. One surefire way to avoid food poisoning is to not eat Western dishes at Thai restaurants. The Thais, for the most part, are experts at cooking homegrown food, but when it comes to Western dishes, the style of cooking doesn’t always translate.

We’ve caught food poisoning in Phuket three times now, but never from eating Thai food. Twice it was pasta dishes and the other was after eating at Fuji. We aren’t trying to scare you off here, but the last thing you want when you visit Phuket is to have to spend 24 hours in your hotel room throwing up.

Author: Phuket Vogue

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