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The Phuket villas are unlike any other villa experience that you will have in any other location in the world. There are plenty of villas throughout the island of Phuket and along the edges of many of the beaches, but the defining factor of the Phuket villas is that they never seem obtrusive or out of place with the natural tropic surroundings.

Just as the island areas and shorelines of Phuket are open, breezy, and very natural looking Phuket villas are all built with natural furnishings, plenty of open areas, and are built with natural lighting in mind. In fact, most of the time the only time you will need artificial lighting is at night to supplement the stunning moonlight reflecting off the ocean.

As mentioned, you can find Phuket villas in every beautiful location on the island, although the most breathtaking Phuket villas are located along the stunning white beaches. Most of the beach areas place the Phuket villas behind the roads that access the beach so as not to distract from the natural beauty of the beaches. Thus, if you book a Phuket villa you will want to make sure you choose a villa that faces the beach because the view will be spectacular, especially if you make an effort to head out to your balcony for sunrise or sunset.

For those who want to be a little closer to the tropical life, Kata beach is the most natural of all the beaches in Phuket and is the one location that offers Phuket villas that are placed on the beachfront along the snow white sands. Due to the strategic placement of the Phuket villas at Kata beach you might as well be living on the beach which makes for a very majestic and holistic experience. Plus, as an added perk when you walk out of your villa you walk straight onto the shoreline which is breathtaking.

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