Thailand: What to Look for in a Hotel in Patong

Shopping around for the perfect hotel in Patong Thailand can seem like a trying task for anyone, however, we’ve designed a set of eight tips that can help you decide what kind of hotel is right for you, and all the necessary amenities to look for in your ideal Patong resort.

1. Beach Access – Beach access is important; many people come to Phuket Island for the beach, because, well, after all, it’s an island! But don’t think that just because most of the beaches are crowded, that the only hotel in Patong up your alley will provide only public beach access. Actually, many hotels in the area give access to private beaches, strictly for hotel guests, making the atmosphere much less crowded, and much more serene.

2. Proximity to Town – A lot of people come to Patong Thailand for the cheap bargain shopping, as well as the thriving nightlife, and beautiful women. If you’re coming to Patong for shopping, and touring the nearby village, then you’ll want to choose a hotel in Patong that’s closer to the village. Not every Patong hotel is nearby; some are located in the hills north of Patong, while others are miles away. Carefully read location information before making a final decision.

3. Prices – Prices in Patong Thailand vary by the level of luxury in a hotel or resort; however, many of the more luxurious resorts charge only around $100 USD per night, which is a few thousand THB. By consulting with a travel agent, you can find honeymoon, anniversary, sports, or family fun packages that will provide you with plenty of discounts.

4. Pool – Some of the smaller and cheaper hotels in Patong don’t have pools; mostly because the cost to maintain them is expensive. If you are seeking a budget hotel in Patong, be on the lookout for hotels with small pools; sometimes, these pools aren’t very clean, and can cause any number of skin irritations. With a larger, more reputed resort or hotel chain, the worries about pool cleanliness, should be much more relieved; some resorts have up to six pools!

5. Tours & Activities – Many hotels and resorts offer guided tours, sports programs, aerobics lessons, yoga classes, cooking classes, wildlife adventures, and all sorts of activities for all ages and interests. Before you pick a hotel in Patong, look at what kind of activities they offer for you and your companions.

6. Restaurants – At the most expensive hotels, there are on site restaurants; at least one or more; sometimes several! Other mid-range hotels simply offer a decent room service menu. If you choose a hotel in Patong Thailand that has neither, make sure it’s close to town, with plenty of restaurants within walking distance. Otherwise, getting food might become a hassle.

7. Kids’ Amenities – If you’re bringing kids, make sure the hotel has plenty of activities for them, and that it offers a babysitting or day care service. But taking care of your kids’ needs starts with you; be sure to bring plenty of toys, games, and things to keep them busy!

8. Security – Last, but possibly most important, is security. Always ask about security, and speak directly with someone at the hotel; search for customer reviews related to security, check in the lists of features if there’s a room safe, and be absolutely sure your things are safe. Smaller, budget hotels do not often offer the luxury of a safe, so it might be in your best interests to splurge a little!

Author: Phuket Vogue

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