The dangers of Patong nightlife

There was another attack on a foreigner riding a motorbike in Patong last week. These attacks are happening more and more frequently. Patong nightlife is a whole lot of fun, but with these frequent attacks, the Patong scene is becoming an ugly place.

This latest attack happened on Nanai Road. Add this to one on the beach road and a handful of other attacks dotted around Patong and you have to wonder how safe it is to ride a motorcycle anywhere in Patong after dark.

On a personal level, we won’t ride a motorbike in Patong after midnight any more. It’s just not worth the risk. Patong nightlife is great and all, but it’s not so fantastic that it’s worth risking being mugged for.

While we aren’t sampling Patong nightlife as much as we used to, Phuket Town is still a safe place to ride around at night. There is almost never any trouble in Phuket Town after dark and we have never heard of attacks on foreigners riding motorcycles at night.

If you’re out enjoying the charms of Patong nightlife (and the Patong girls!), it might actually be worth enlisting the services of the tuk-tuk drivers rather than riding a motorcycle. The attacks are happening all over Patong and they are happening to foreigners, locals, expats and tourists.

Stay safe.

Author: Phuket Vogue

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