Things to do in Patong: Choose Your Resort

Choosing a Patong resort might seem like a difficult task, however, as long as you remain organised, and know exactly what you want in a Patong Beach hotel or resort, you can’t go wrong. There is lots to do in Patong, so it’s best not to spend all your time worrying about accommodation.

As far as price goes, you’re almost sure to get a great deal because of the differences in currency, so what might seem like a costly holiday anywhere, can be had for much less money with a vacation at a Patong resort. For this reason, you may want to look more closely at the three, four and five star luxury hotels, unless you’re merely searching for budget accommodation for a backpack style trip as something to do in Patong. Keep the currency conversion in mind while looking up the prices of hotels in Patong; $1 USD = 34.17 THB (Baht), and 1 EUR = 47.69 THB.

The next important factor to consider is location; which brings up another point to remember. Many Patong hotels and resorts include Phuket in the name or title of the establishment. This is because Patong is located on Phuket Island, so just because Patong resort is called one thing or another doesn’t mean anything. First thing to do in Patong is check the accommodations out and don’t be fooled by flashy names.

Chains often title their resorts as Phuket locations because of the two destinations, Phuket Town is the larger and busier town, while Patong is slightly smaller. Patong is not a separate island; it’s located on Phuket Island, hence the name, though there are many small outlying isles in the area.. So while doing research on which Patong resort you’re possibly going to include in your final list of consideration, don’t forget to read the details of the location closely. Something you don’t want to do in Patong is turn up at your resort and find out it’s a dump.

To continue on the point of using location as a major factor for consideration while you’re making your choice of which Patong resort to choose for your Patong holiday, there are four major location categories to choose from, depending on your preferences. The four categories are: close to the beach, close to the village, isolated in the hills north of Patong, and close to Phuket. For people with children, many prefer the hotels and resorts north of Patong in the hills, because they don’t have to worry about their kids getting too close for comfort to the thriving sex tourism of Patong and Phuket. On the other hand, tourists visiting the Patong area for the nightlife and club scenes may prefer hotels closer to the Patong village or close to Phuket, the larger neighbouring town.

The last factor that should ultimately be included in which Patong resort for you to choose, is who exactly is going on the trip. There are four main categories of tourists in the area; singles, couples and newlyweds, families, and groups of friends.

Finding a family friendly hotel in Patong is a must if you’re traveling with kids, while finding a hotel that offers a more romantic atmosphere is important for couples and newlyweds. Singles and groups of friends, however, might favor the hotels closer to the Patong nightlife, with plenty of opportunities for exotic dining and cheap Patong shopping. Although personal preference is important, so is common sense when making your final decision! Regardless, there is lots to do in Patong for everyone.

Author: Phuket Vogue

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