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Europeans may be far behind Asian cultures in appreciation of the therapeutic value of Phuket spa treatments, but times are certainly changing. More and more in the past few years, Phuket Spas resorts are becoming a major tourist destination, and this island in south Thailand is now a centrepiece of this new/ancient industry.

The first of the Phuket spas to open was the Banyan Tree Spa, in 1995. That was so well-received that a lot of savvy business people followed suit, and today the island boasts more than 80 spas officially certified by the Phuket Public Health Office, as well as over 70 independent massage establishments.

Prior to 2004, massage parlours and spas were completely unregulated; now they must get approval from PPHO to open, and have yearly inspections in order to stay in business.
Standards of qualifications for therapists, safety and professional behaviour (no sex-related activity) are all strictly enforced at Phuket spas. Though there are some that operate outside the PPHO’s oversight, there is a dazzling array of choices for the discriminating visitor.

Some of the finest and most highly acclaimed resort spas in the world are located on this little island in the Andaman Sea. Phuket spas therapy techniques and applications vary from one to the next, so no matter what your preference; you’ll find a resort that caters to your specific needs and desires.

Possibly one of the greatest attractions of the Phuket spas is that they are not “westernized” to the exclusion of the locals. As a result the emphasis is on creating a spa experience that encompasses every culture and makes the best use of both old and new modes of therapy. There is also a current trend towards even more emphasis on total wellness and improved lifestyle, with sessions lasting for days instead of hours.

There is now a Phuket Spa Association (PSA), which works with the PPHO with a view towards recruiting new, reputable members and educating the general public (including Western tourists) about the benefits and pleasures of the spa experience.

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