Trouble at Patong Beach

We heard some disturbing news from Patong Beach today. Last week, there were a couple of foreign guys riding motorbikes around the streets of Patong Beach. They were goofing around and riding too fast when one of them lost control and slid his bike into a car.

While he was lying in the middle of the street at Patong Beach, the owner of the car allegedly took upon itself to lay the smack down, stomping on this poor guy’s head. To make matters worse, a bunch of Patong Beach motorcycle-taxi drivers decided to join in the fun. So you had a large group of Thai people beating seven shades of hell out of a tourist — in broad daylight.

You hear too many stories like this one about Patong Beach. The police came and charged the foreigner with reckless driving while the Thai thugs walked away. Sure, the foreigner shouldn’t have been showboating on his bike, but he didn’t deserve to be beaten in the middle of the street.

Just another day at Patong Beach and another reason why we hardly ever go there any more. The place is losing its charm — fast. We don’t even vibe with the nightlife at Patong Beach all that much any more.

Author: Phuket Vogue

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